Fork seal kit for RockShox MTB Forks


Fork seal kit for RockShox MTB Forks

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SKF fork seal kits for RockShox forks are made of the same self-lubricating compound developed for superior sealing performance in motorcycle applications.

The RockShox fork seal kit from SKF contains two integrated oil seal-dirt scrapers, crush washers and pre-impregnated foam rings. Depending on the model, the kit may consist of two oil seals and two dirt scrapers.

• Compatibility with a wide range of original equipment and aftermarket fork oils
• Enhanced water and dirt protection
• Capability to withstand UV light
• Reduced wear and air suction for longer life
• Wide range of tailored sizes to fit most applications
• The integrated dust sealing lip is designed as a first guard against dirt entering the fork, thus preventing contamination of the other components in the fork
• The integrated oil sealing lip prevents oil from exiting the fork
• The special pre-impregnated foam ring within the kit provides enhanced friction reduction to the fork

• User friendly for quick replacement during periodical oil service

Select variant by model / year / stanchion diameter:

32 mm - Part Number MTB32R

Argyle R 2007-2017

Reba RL 2012-2017

Reba RTL 2012-2017

Recon Gold RL 2011-2018

Recon Gold TK 2011-2018

Recon Silver RL 2017-2019

Recon Silver TK 2011-2019

Revelation RCT3 2010-2017

Revelation RL 2010-2017

Revelation RLT 2010-2017

Sektor Gold 2014-2018

Sektor Silver 2014-2016

SID A Dual Air 2008-2014

XC 32 2011-2015


32 mm NEW - Part Number MTB32RN

Reba RL 2018

Reba RTL 2018

Revelation RL from 2018

RS-1 from 2015

Sektor RL C1 from 2019

Sektor Silver from 2017

SID B A1-A4 2011-2016

SID RCT3 from 2017

SID XX from 2017

SID XX World Cup from 2017

SID SL SELECT from 2021

SID SL ULTIMATE 32 from 2021


35 mm - Part Number MTB35R

All Models 2008-2015


35 mm - Part Number MTB35RN

Domain Dual Crown RC from 2007

Lyric RC from 2010

Lyric RC2 DH from 2010

Lyric RCT3 from 2010

Pike DJ from 2014

Pike RC from 2014

Pike RCT3 from 2014

Boxxer RC from 2016

Boxxer Team from 2016

Boxxer World Cup from 2016

Yari RC from 2016

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