SKF Dual Compound Fork seal kit for RockShox and Fox and FOX MTB Forks


SKF Dual Compound Fork seal kit for RockShox and Fox and FOX MTB Forks

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MTB fork seals are a vital protective part of the overall front suspension system, with a crucial impact on riding comfort and trouble-free operation in the harshest environments.

This completely redesigned fork seal — adding on to SKF's well established fork seals range that has already been available on the market for more than 10 years — consists of newly developed rubber compounds and new geometries for both the scraper lip and the sealing lip.

The co-molded combination of compounds, together with improved sealing lip properties, offers enhanced followability on the shaft. In addition, there is a new metal insert and an open wound spring on the dirt scraper lip, effectively preventing the ingress of contaminants.

Benefits of the dual compound fork seals are:

• Extended sealing capability

• Improved contamination exclusion

• Reliable protection of the interior fork mechanism

• Minimum friction for enhanced vehicle control

 Our Dual Compound fork seal kits come along in a custom-made color style and are available in various dimensions for high-end MT B forks.

Select variant by model / year / stanchion diameter:

RockShox 32 mm - Part Number MTBDUAL-32RN

Reba RL 2018

Reba RTL 2018

Revelation RL from 2018 onwards

RS-1 from 2015 onwards

Sektor RL C1 from 2019 onwards

Sektor Silver from 2017 onwards

SID B A1-A4 2011-2016

SID RCT3 from 2017 onwards

SID XX from 2017 onwards

SID XX World Cup from 2017 onwards

SID SL SELECT from 2021 onwards

SID SL ULTIMATE 32 from 2021 onwards


RockShox 35 mm - Part Number MTBDUAL-35RN

Domain Dual Crown RC from 2007

Lyric RC from 2010 onwards

Lyric RC2 DH from 2010 onwards

Lyric RCT3 from 2010 onwards

Pike DJ from 2014 onwards

Pike RC from 2014 onwards

Pike RCT3 from 2014 onwards

Boxxer RC from 2016 onwards

Boxxer Team from 2016 onwards

Boxxer World Cup from 2016 onwards

Yari RC from 2016 onwards


RockShox/Fox 38 mm - Part Number MTBDUAL-38FRN

Rockshox ZEB ALL MODELS 38 from 2021 onwards

Rockshox ZEB SELECT+ 38 from 2021 onwards

Rockshox ZEB ULTIMATE 38 from 2021 onwards


Fox 32 mm - Part Number MTBDUAL-32FN

All Fox 32 mm models from 2016 onwards

Fox 34 mm - Part Number MTBDUAL-34FN

All Fox 34 mm models from 2016 onwards

Fox 36 mm - Part Number MTBDUAL-36FN

All Fox 36 mm models from 2015 onwards

Marzocchi BOMBER Z1 from 2019 onwards

Fox 40 mm - Part Number MTBDUAL-40FN

All Fox 40 mm models from 2016 onwards

Marzocchi Bomber 58 from 2019 onwards

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